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You might be aware of the food value of a glass of milk and understand how essential it is for the body and brain development of your child. But to most children, milk is the simply bland white liquid that your mother keeps insisting you to drink! Stating nutrition facts or the health benefits won’t mean anything to children. Rather you need to be as creative as you can to make milk fun for them.

We’ll share some of the ways that can draw your kid’s attention towards milk.

  1. Don’t ask your kid to gulp in an entire glass of milk. Try serving small quantities that they can easily finish. This gives them a sense of accomplishment and encourages them to drink more the next time. Most kids are horrified at the sight of milk. Even if your kid doesn’t grow fond of milk, with this technique they won’t show as much resistance as they normally would.
  2. Your kid’s favorite cookie can be a perfect side to a warm glass of milk. Dunking cookies or biscuit in milk is something most kids tend to enjoy. This will make them less irritable when there is milk in their sight.
  3. Don’t forget to bless your kid’s breakfast bowl with milk and cereal. This is a combination most kids naturally like. When you serve the same cereal for months, your child may grow an indifferent attitude towards milk. Try switching flavors and brands from time to time, don’t let them grow tired of any particular type of cereal. If your child does not like cereal, you can simply add flavor enhancers like vanilla essence, dry fruit powder or different types of syrups. It’s a common complaint from children that milk has an unappetizing odor, the flavor enhancers can get you rid of this problem.
  4. Stop serving milk at the same temperature. After serving hot milk for a few days, flip it around and make them cold milkshakes. It’s not absolutely necessary that the milk to be served has to be burning hot. You can try serving room temperature milk if that’s what your child prefers. For many children, cold milk-shakes are irresistible. Banana, chocolate, strawberry and Oreo milkshakes are some of the flavors most kids are fond of. Try making smoothies by blending in your kid’s favorite fruit with the milk.
  5. Milk mugs with superheroes drawn on them tend to have a powerful influence on kids as they start associating milk with superhero powers. You can also buy your kids, some colorful straws and mugs with their favorite cartoon characters on them. The key is to bring out the mug only when it’s time for drinking milk. They’ll look for ways to drink from that mug and you have to seize the opportunity to serve milk in it.  If you can make your kid’s favorite mug, the milk mug, the chances of refusing milk will be thin.
  6. Making desserts with milk is one of the techniques that never fail. Starting from pudding and custard to muffins and cupcakes, satisfying your kid’s sweet tooth can never get any easier. These mouth-watering milk-based desserts are an easy way to make milk desirable to children.
  7. You can also make milk lollipops by freezing milkshakes in different molds. It makes drinking milk less boring. Making flavored milk lollipops by freezing it into different molds is not only easy but also fun for children.

These techniques will make the drinking session less traumatizing for you and your child!


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