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International Farmers Academy

The International Farmers Academy has been created to provide a collaborative space where international and local researchers can undertake research and/or implement their knowledge on issues related to the agriculture sector. They have the opportunity to work with our farmers networks which gives them access to the grassroots and to original data as well as potential groups/areas to undertake a pilot study if required.

Similarly, the International Farmers Academy acts as a 24/7 customer service for our farmers involved with Ferdous Biotech, Oggro Dairy or Oggro Crops and benefits from a wide-ranging set of services such as fertilizer and pest management, in-house and on-site training as well as mentoring support from local and international experts.

What we do is:

1. Provide a collaborative space for agro-based research for both local and international researchers

2. Researchers can work closely with our farmer’s network, giving them access to grassroots data.

3. Opportunity for researchers to conduct pilot projects

4. 24/7 Customer service for our farmers involved with affiliate companies of Oggro Ventures

5. Wide range of services for farmers: fertilizer and pest management; in-house, on-site and off-site training; mentoring from international and local experts

  • Venture

    International Farmers Academy

  • the number of farmers

    2 500

  • collected tons

    33 836

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