Farm Fresh milk from Oggro Dairy is now available at Direct Fresh!

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Partnering with Direct Fresh, the premier online grocery in Bangladesh, OGGRO has built an international standard dairy farm with the expertise of former personnel of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI). And we did not stop there, to ensure that we have full control over the supply chain, OGGRO has installed a full Pasteurization Plant so that we can provide consumers with the freshest and safest milk possible.
OGGRO Dairy Farm has begun its partnership with Direct Fresh to launch Artisan Milk with two aims:
1. To provide delicious, safe and fresh milk to consumers in Dhaka right at their doorsteps
2. To provide cross subsidized, affordable, delicious, safe and fresh milk to low-income mothers with young children in Savar/Gazipur area (where the farm is located).


While this is a small step, it is our belief that we can develop a model that will encourage others in the food industries to incorporate within their business model our vision that every child in Bangladesh gets proper nutrition.

So go have a look, and place your order now at


Together, we can use the marketplace to solve our development challenges, one milk bottle at a time!

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