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We are Oggro Ventures

We are pioneering innovation in the agriculture sector of Bangladesh setting the benchmark for data and efficiency-driven farm management while also producing high quality and safe products for our client base.

We are:
The first social enterprise dedicated to the agriculture sector that works with over 10,000 farmers across Bangladesh producing a variety of agriculture and horticulture products such as potato, corn, milk and orchid flowers to name a few. Established in 2007, Oggro Ventures now has a number of subsidiaries, each delivering its own social impact.

Our aim is to create positive social impact for our farmers (particularly focused on women and youth), customers and our community through fair pricing, high quality products and conservation of the environment.

Our Leadership Team

Here we are all farmers

Farzeen Ferdous Alam – Chairman, Oggro Ventures

Farzeen is an award-winning economist turned farmer who started Oggro Ventures while in high school and now has acquired over 10 years of experience in the social enterprise sector by combining his experience in the development and business sector. An undergraduate of Economics from the University of Dhaka, Farzeen has worked on a number of issues ranging from rights of disabled persons to HIV/Aids awareness and has worked with international organizations such as the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAoC)

Dr. Ferdousi Begum – Managing Director, Ferdous Biotech & Chief Trainer, International Farmers’ Academy

Dr. Ferdousi Begum is the founding Managing Director of Ferdous Biotech and also in charge of the laboratory division of the company. She has a Ph.D. in Genetic Engineering from Bose Institute, the University of Calculate after completing her BSc and MSc in Botany from the University of Dhaka. An award-winning scientist, she has been an inspiration for women in the field of science and agriculture in Bangladesh and has over 20 years of experience in this field.

Md. Obaydul Islam – Chief Operating Officer, Oggro Dairy & Deputy Trainer, International Farmers’ Academy

Obaydul Islam has been working in the development sector for over 10 years and began his journey by being part of Global Xchange, a Bangladesh UK exchange program run by the largest volunteering organization in the world, VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas). He has an MBA and BBA in Marketing from the National University and is responsible for the day to day operations of Oggro Dairy

Md. Moniruzzaman – Chief Operating Officer, Oggro Crops & Deputy Trainer, International Farmers’ Academy   

Md Moniruzzaman heads the operations of Oggro Crops which has allowed him to develop an extensive network of farmers groups across Bangladesh. Known to have traveled almost the whole length of Bangladesh by now, he is developing new agriculture-based export markets for Bangladesh. A graduate of National University, he is also regarded as a leading expert in field level potato seed production in Bangladesh   

Ashraful Islam – Chief Financial Officer, Oggro Ventures

Ashraful Islam is the Chief Financial Officer of Oggro Ventures and is responsible for the finance department of all subsidiaries under the company. He is a graduate of Finance from Independent University, Bangladesh and is a finance and accounting savant, especially on Agro-Industry. He is currently completing his ACCA and CFA. Before joining Oggro Ventures, he has worked at Emerging Credit Rating Ltd. and at Computer Source as a Project Manager. Aside from work he does independent research and has published numerous academic articles on corporate finance, financial risk management, and cash-flow management. He is passionate about social enterprise and finance and believes in the long-term vision of Oggro Ventures.

Richard Catherall – Strategic Advisor, Oggro Ventures

Richard Catherall is the founding and Executive Director of Katarsis Ventures, a UK based private limited company that mentors social enterprises in hard places. Richard supports social enterprises in places like Egypt, Palestine, and Bangladesh with an aim to help scale these businesses so that they can reach their potential social impacts. Equipped with an MBA and grassroots experiences, Richard travels the world supporting these social enterprises while living out of Cyprus.

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